Friday, 14 Dec 2018
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Extruded Activated Carbon

Extruded Activated Carbon


Activated Carbon is made from selected grades of coal base combined with suitable binders to give superior hardness and long life, Produced under rigidly controlled conditions by high temperature stream Activation,this carbon provides high surface area,large pore volume, high density and a pore structure optimal for the adsorption of color bodies and order molecules from solution.


Packing :

55 pound (25 kg.) net weight


Specifications :

Sulphur Content , wt % 12-14
Carbon Tetrachloride Adsorption wt % (ASTM D3467) 60 (MIN.)
Moisture Content, % (ASTM D2867) 3 (MAX.)
Bulk Density,Kg./m3 500
pH (ASTM D3838) 6-8
Surface Area (m2/g),N2 BET (ASTM D2854) 1050 (MIN.)
Diameter size 4 mm