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In the compressed air system, hard particles assault equipment and piping. The result is damage to the system and more particles generated. Examples of particles found in a compressed air system include scale, metal oxides, and dirt.  Particulate compressed air system. aerosol and concentration.  Compressed air is saturated with water. Since the compressed air is heated during the compression aftercooler is then used to remove the heat of compression. During this stage a significant quantity of liquid at compressor delivering 100 scfm (2.8 m3/hr) at 100 psig (7 bar) and 100ºF (38ºC) can produce 18 gallons (68 liters) of water a day. These liquids, if not removed, will cause erosion, damage to pneumatic equipment and instruments.  Chemical gases, either alone or in combination with other contaminants, may cause additional damage or create a potential hazard to the process or personnel. Molds, fungus, and compressed air system. Microbes require moisture to grow. In addition to being a health threat to workers, microbes produce acidic waste. This waste corrodes the sludge. Sludge clogs pipes and valves causing valves to jam (stiction). Filtering and drying processes remove particles, moisture, microbes, and chemicals from compressed air. Clean, dry air protects the air system, reduces maintenance costs and increases finished product yields

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Cellulose Air Filter Cartridge
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Spun Bonded Polyester Air Filter Cartridge

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