Friday, 14 Dec 2018
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Filter Pack Type ULGH

Filterpack Type ULGH

Main application :

Filtration of re-circulation air in drying ovens and booths relating to painting work as well as the filtration of air and gas at the high temperatures.


Availability :

standard size: approx.
480 mm x 480 mm x 14 mmm
30 pieces/box


Application :

The filter layers consist of glass fibre which are firmly bonded.
The temperature resistant filter layers ULGH is framed with
expanded aluminium metal on both sides.


Cassette Filters :

Filter class according
to DIN 24185 / EN 779
Filter technical data according
to DIN 24185 / EN 779
Filterpack Type ULGH
Nominal air volume [m3/h] 1000
Average dust weight
Average dust spot
Initial pressure drop [Pa] 80
Recommended final
pressure drop
Operation temperature [°C] 300
Depth [mm] 14