Friday, 14 Dec 2018
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PP Net


Specification :

Standard Air Velocity

1.5 m/s

Initial Pressure drop

0.42 Pa

Final Pressure drop

5.0 Pa

Dust Holding Capacity

85 g

Average Arrestance

30.90 %


1.20 X 50 M / Roll


Black , White

Model No. PP - 38 (38 Mesh per Inch2)
PP - 60 (60 Mesh per Inch2)



Plastic Net Dust Filter

1 Produced from raw materials Produced from "A" grade plastic thread
2 Product feature It is plastic net waved by high-tech machine from abroad.
3 Weight 98.8 grams / 1 Sq.M. weight
4 Filtration Good performance of dust filtration.
5 Ventilation Many small square-shape holes originate good ventilation.
6 Temperature Durable for high heat
7 Cleaning It is not easily dirty, often times clean able by brush.
8 Durability No need to often times remove for cleaning because it can
filter dust in long time due to durable & strong plastic net.
9 Lifetime 3 years of lifetime.
10 Special qualification Coated by special substance preventing Bacteria and Fungus