Friday, 14 Dec 2018
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Pleated Cardboard Filter

Pleated Cardboard 


PLEATED CARDBOARD filters efficiency will increase along with the saturation increases. This is different from the fibre filter media. The fibre filter media efficiency will descend along with the saturation increases. The efficiency will up to 98%


Low air flow resistance, high performance , low cost the face wind speed 1m/s Longer service life than any other filters , six times as ohter adsorptive capability up to 15 kg/ m2 Standard size : length=0.75m/0.9m/1m/1.25m any size is available.

Main application:

dope, polyester, bond, varnish, asphaltum



Side visible to operator









- FIREPROOFING- "EPERLAN" EFFECT (occasional water spray)