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Automatic Spin Klin® disc filtration

Automatic Spin Klin Filter Batteries are fully automatic disc filters with polypropylene manifolds resistant to rust and corrosion from chemicals and weather. These filters utilize proven depth filtration technology optimizing your process, providing superior equipment protection and saving backflush water. Available in several configurations with flow ranges from 5 to 20,000m3/hr or more. the systems are quickly installed as filters are factory assembled and tested. Minimal maintenance is required due to very efficient backflushing.

ARKAL - Spin Klin


- Installation is quick as filters are factory assembled and tested.
- Manual cleaning is practically eliminated.
- Filtration grade versatility with filtration discs able to be changed quickly nd easily from 40 mesh up to 600 mesh (400-20 Micro)
- Less backflush time, optimizing the process and saving water.
- Each Spin Klin battery is capable of handling a wide operational flow range.
- Manufactured from engineered synthetics to prevent rust and corrosion meaning longer life and greater return an investment.




filtration process

The Spin Klin discs are stacked on the Spin Klin spine. The discs are color-coded by micron size.

The spine assembly is specially designed to compress the micro-grooved disc together to form the filtration unit. The spine is then housed inside a corrosion and pressure resistant housing. Within the housing, a spring and the water pressure itself compress the discs tightly during the filtration process, forcing the water to flow between the grooves and traps of the stacked discs.

the number of spines and type of housings required are determined by filtration grade, water quality and required flow rate. The Spin Klin spines and housings are then assembled into a Battery complete with inlet, outlet and drainage manifolds.

ARKAL - Spin Klin (filtration process)

backflush process

Activated by a pre-defined command (differential pressure or time) alternate housings of the Spin Klin Battery go into backwash mode. The 3-way backflush valve on the first Spin Klin housing to be backwashed is activated which effectively shuts the inlet and opens the drain on that housing only.


Now in the backwash mode, the compression sping on the spine is released and the pressure difference is eliminated. The spine piston climbs up, releasing the pressure on the discs. Tangential jets of clean water are hydraulically pumped at high pressure in the opposite direction through nozzles at the center of the spine. The disc spin free and clear, loosening the trapped solids. Solids are quickly and efficiently flushed out through the drain.


The 3-way valve returns to normal and the spine(s) in that housing are now 100% clean. Other housings on that battery will then be backflushed in turn.

ARKAL automatic Spin Klin Disc Filtration