Friday, 14 Dec 2018
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Automatic Self-cleaning Screen Filter

Arkal's Screen filter range utilize proven screen filtration technology to effective screen solides whilst optimizing and saving water. Available in several configurations with flow ranges from 5 to 2,000 m3/hr and more.

ARKAL  Automatic Self-cleaning screen filters

Quick installation as filters are factory assembled and tested. Minimal maintenance is required due to reliable backflushing. They are perfect for situations where Spin Klin cannot be used i.e. filtration grade too large, high pressure and/or temperature.

The Technology

The Screen filter is a surface filter using woven mesh, perforated plates or wedge wire as the ARKAL  Automatic Self-cleaning screen filtersretention point for solids. As dirty water passes through the vessel from the inside to the outside of the screen,


the larger particles are physically prevented from passing and are retained on the screen.



Screen Sizes are available from 3,000 to 20 micron

The effective filtration area of a screen filter can be quite high and the initial "clean" head loss is quite low. The differential pressure however, can build up quickly, making and effective cleaning schedule essential. Screen filters can be cleaned manually or automatically, like all other types of filter.

Manual cleaning usually involves removing the filter element and hasting/brushing it clean. Automatic cleaning is activated automatically as the particles, trapped on the inside surface of the fine screen create a differential pressure build up. A number of cleaning methods are available.



- Installation is quick as filters are factory assembled and tested, arriving on site ready for connection and immediate operation.
- Less maintenance is required as the Dirt collector and Suction nozzle perform reliably during backflush Manual cleaning is practically eliminated.
- Filtration grade versatility from 20 - 3,000 Micron.
- Less backflush time means more uniform application of water in the field, optimizing the process and saving water.
- In-built coarse screen designed to protect the main line screen

Rotating Brush Cleaning

A brush rotates over the screen element dislodging the "filter cake" and a purge valve flushes the dirt out through a drain whilst the system is under pressure.

Vacuum Scanner Cleaning

A rotating vacuum scanner lifts "filter cake" off the screen without making physical contact. The rotation and linear movement of the scanner allow it to reach every part of the screen in minimal time. This system can be very effective and does not damage the screen as a brush may do