Friday, 14 Dec 2018

disc filtration

Arkal Water Filtration Systems operate using a specially designed disc filtration technology. Thin, color-coded polypropylene or nylon discs are diagonally grooved on both sides to a specific micron size. A series of these discs are then stacked and compressed and a specially design spin. When stacked, the groove on top runs opposite to the groove below, creating a filtration element with a statistically significant series of valleys and traps for solids. The stack is enclosed in a corrosion and pressure resistant housing.

Disc filters are used before membranes and other equipment for superior protection, efficiency and corrosion resistance. They can also be used as standalone filtration systems for sea water cooling, aquaculture, cooling towers, marine systems etc.

Arkal disc filtration systems a available in manual or as automatic "Spine Klin" systems.


Table of filtration grades of disc filters:

Color Code: Blue Yellow Red Black Brown Green Purple Gray
Mesh 40 80 120 140 - - - -
Micron 400 200 130 100 70 55 40 20




- Engineered for efficient operation with minimal maintenance.
- Flat, grooved plastic rings stack together to form the filter element.
- Depth filtration increasing filtration efficiency
- Greater holding capacity as water is filtered through the entire ring depth, not just the surface.
- During filtration, pressure increases and compresses the rings increasing efficiency and protecting the system from clogging.
- Degree of filtration is easily changed by replacing the disc rings with the desired mesh/micron size.
- Available in a range of sizes , degrees of filtration and flow capacities.