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Aluminium Filter

Aluminium Filter With Ext.Frame-2

General : 

Economy Grade Aluminum Air Filters are the light test and most economically priced washable filters available. The bonded aluminum media may be used either dry or coated with filter adhesive. The filter is
suitable for all residential and commercial applications. Aluminum filters are UL 900 Class 2 listed.

Construction : 

The filter has an 0.7", 1 mm thick aluminum frame that enclose the bonded  aluminum media. The corners are mitre and the frame is secured with rivet. The bonded aluminum media is slit and expanded to several different size openings
The layers are then arranged with the larger openings at the air entrance side and the smaller openings at the air exit side. This design allows contaminants to be trapped throughout the entire filter depth and not just at the surface. Six standard nominal size filters are available and are undercut 3/8" on the height and width dimensions. Nominal 1" filters and are 7/8" thick and nominal 2" filters are 1-7/8" thick.

Options :

Special sizes made to exact dimensions as specifiedare available in nominal thicknesses of 1/2" (1/2" actual), 1" (7/8 actual) and 2" (1-3/4 actual).

Important Features : 

All-Aluminum construction Bonded aluminum progressive density media Economically priced Light in weight Washable and reusable Standard and special sizes are available

Filter Coating and Cleaning :

Before packaging for shipment, filters are sprayed with Filter Coat, a water-soluble adhesive and  detergent. The adhesive helps to retain the dirt particles, and when the filter is washed, the detergent helps to release the used adhesive and contaminants from the media. To clean a dirty filters, rinse it with a moderate-to-heavy stream of warm water. High-powered steam cleaning or  chemical dips are unnecessary and are not  recommended. Re-spraying with Filter Coat will helpmaintain the filter's efficiency.

Performance Data :


Guide Specifications

1.0 General

1.1 Washable air filters shell be Economy Grade
1.2 Filters shall be UL 900 Class 2 listed.
2.2 Washable filter media shall be multiple layers
of slit and expanded aluminum bonded together
and coated with filter adhesive.

2.0 Filter Construction

3.0 Performance

2.1 Frame shall be 0.7, 1 mm. thick and
secured with rivet(s).
3.1 Initial and final resistances shall not exceed
the scheduled valuse.


Dimenstion :

Nominal Size
Actual Size
1" Thick 2" Thick
per Carton
Ctn. Weight
per Carton
Ctn. Weight
12 x 24 11-5/8 x 23-5/8 12 6.5 12 12.0
16 x 20 15-5/8 x 19-5/8 12 8.0 6 7.5
16 x 25 15-5/8 x 24-5/8 12 9.5 6 9.5
20 x 20 19-5/8 x 19-5/8 12 9.5 6 9.5
20 x 25 19-5/8 x 24-5/8 12 11.5 6 11.0
24 x 24 23-5/8 x 23-5/8 12 13.0 6 12.0
* Insert thickness designator: 10(1") or 20 (2").
1. Tolerances for standard size filters: 2. Tolerances for special size filters:
Height and width = +0", -1/8" Height and width = ±1/16"
Thickness = +0", -1/32"