Saturday, 19 Apr 2014
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Siam Nathan - All Kind Of Filters


We are one stop service company with social-conscious.
Established on August 1993 for improve the air and environment quality.
Serve you flexible custom and made to meet customer’s need.
We are distributor all kinds of filter
especially for HVAC filters from pre - final filtration
and also be an agent of the famous air filter and clean room accessories from U.S.A and Germany.

Any suggestion
Please call 0-8181-5-2003 (All time)


Medium Filter / Filter for Cleanroom | Hepa Filter / Filter for Cleanroom | Pre Filter / Aluminium Filter |
Liquid Filter | Dust Collector / Air Pollution Control System | Carbon Filter |
Filter Media
| Paper Filter / Oil Cleaner | Cartridge Filter / Compressor Air Filter
| Air Pollution Control System Air Return Grille, Ceiling Diffuser, Reflection Air Grille,
Linear Slot, Opposed Blade Volume Damper, Deep Contour

Medium Filter | Filter for Clean Room

Mini Pleat  Pocket Filter  Rigid Cell  Separator Type

 Hepa Filter  |  Filter for Cleanroom

 Mini-Pleat Type  Module Type  Ulpa-Mini-Pleat  V-Bank Hepa

 Pre Filter / Aluminium Filter

 Aluminium Filter With Ext.Frame  Aluminium roll  Panel Filter  Pre Filter With Paper Frame

Filter Media

Auto Roll  Ceiling Filter  Fiberglass Filte for High Temperature Filtrationr  Filterpack Type ULGH

 Liquid Filter

Cartridge Filter Housing  Filter Cartridge Systems  Filter Cloth For Filter Press  SUS Hounsing Bag Filter